We are a fun loving yet serious team. We love organizing events and weddings that match the personality of each of our clients, always with respect to their vision and budget.

We don’t work with ready packages, instead we offer you a different, more personal approach. Through skype calls and emails, we will try to get to know you not just as a client, but as the unique person that you are. We would like to hear your thoughts on your dream wedding, party or any other kind of celebration that you would like to have. We are more than happy to learn how you envision your event, and then do our best to make it come true.

The services that we offer are:

Weddings & Gay Weddings:

We believe that each wedding has to reflect the personality of the couple. We focus on every detail of your wedding, to make sure that it will be remembered not only for its decorations, food, music, but also for its unique character.

We will help you organize your dream wedding from the very beginning, guiding you step by step through the process, being there for you to answer all your questions, and relieve any concern that you might have. We will be there for you from your pre-wedding gathering, to your post-wedding party.

You can rest assure, that we will help you plan anything from a modern wedding to a rustic wedding, from a luxurious wedding to a country style wedding, from a traditional white wedding to a daring themed wedding.

Vow Renewals:


We believe it is really beautiful when two people decide to celebrate their love and renew their vows, and we will be more than happy to help you organize that. We will help you plan your day, or even your whole trip to Santorini, so that it will be as unforgettable as your wedding day was. We can plan for you romantic dinners, wine tastings, spa sessions, interesting activities, and of course create the perfect setting for you to renew your vows.


Do you wish to propose to your loving girlfriend or boyfriend? Then you came to the right place! We will guide you and consult you on the best way to propose. We will help you plan anything from a proposal over a private, romantic dinner, to a multiple-day proposal, full of activities, which will slowly lead to the actual proposal, making it a truly memorable experience for you, and your future Missis or Mister.

Celebrations\ Gala events:


You may want to celebrate your “sweet sixteen”, a friendship or relationship anniversary, have a divorce party, your promotion, or just have a great party with your friends. We will find the perfect location for your celebration, organize the music, food and drinks, fun activities and anything else you may need for your party.